-May 2017-

I have been incredibly lax in updating this section, appologies.

With funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and various local groups, we have begun our "Community Radio in the Classroom" program, where we work with students in the Elementary and High Schools, introducing them to the Radio Sector.

-December 2016-

Our license has officially been amended by the CRTC and Industry Canada, allowing us to broadcast at 49 Watts instead of our previous 1.6 Watts!

-June 2015-

Two new locally producated shows have been added!

Chris Ewings is producing a show called "What I Like", with each episode showcasing artists and songs he likes.

Gord is producing a show called the Barking Dog Blues in which he brings us recordings of live shows from his favourite bands.


-May 2015-

Our License renewal was approved and we received a 7 year License!

Our CRFC grant was also approved, and have been able to hire 2 part-time paid Staff Members!

Chris Ewings has been hired to be the Station Manager, and Annette Gorrie has been brought on board to be our new Volunteer Coordinator!


-March 3rd 2015-

Our license transfer was successful, allowing us to finish out the existing 5 year license ending in August 2015.

Our 7-year license renewal is currently under review by the CRTC. A lot of work went into the renewal application, and fully expect it to be successful!

We have also applied for funding from the Canadian Radio Fund of Canada to hire some part time paid staff! We should know by May if we were approved!